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Подборка обучающих материалов, полезных статей и прочей информации помогающей разобраться в мире инженерной сантехники.

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Pipe fitting sizes: size chart, pipe inch
We receive a huge number of questions about the sizes of pipes and fittings, as there is a lot of confusion about the sizes. Our design department, which was engaged in the creation of fittings under the MPF brand, is ready to share the accumulated experience.
Plumbing gaskets: types, materials and sizes
The most common cause of malfunctions in plumbing is a worn–out or incorrectly installed gasket. It is not difficult to cope with the problem, but at the same time you need to choose a truly high-quality and reliable product. And this can only be done in a store that buys gaskets wholesale from the manufacturer from a reliable supplier, for example, from the Masterprof company.
Plumbing fixtures manufacturer
MasterProf Company is a wholesale supplier and manufacturer of plumbing fixtures, so choosing fittings, taps (shutoff valves), adapters for pipe installation and tools for installation and soldering of pipes, you can be sure of the quality of the products.