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Eurocone for manifolds - designed to implement the transition from the threaded connection manifold diameter of 3/4" to crimp one for metal plastic pipe diameter 16mm. Helps to seal the detachable joint when fixing metal-plastic pipes and manifolds. The Eurocone consists of three elements: a nozzle with sealing gaskets, a crimp ring (or drying ring) and a crimp nut with a female thread.
Tightness of the connection with the use of Eurocone is achieved by crimping ring, union nut with female thread and nozzle with double O-rings on both sides, which tightly crimp the threaded fitting on one side and the walls of the metal plastic pipe on the other side while tightening.
In addition to the O-rings on the nozzle side of the Eurocone pipe, there is a white PTFE gasket, which prevents the appearance of galvanic pairing between the brass nozzle and aluminum foil located inside the metal plastic pipe. The presence of a galvanopair inevitably leads to corrosion of one of the metals.
This connection can be easily dismantled and reassembled more than once if needed to dismantle and replace pipe components.
The main advantages of the Eurocone for manifolds:
- increased tightness - when properly installed, the connection with the use of the Eurocone has a service life of about fifty years.
- resistant to external influences - the Eurocone is made of high quality brass of CW617N grade, as well as rubber O-rings. Resistant to high temperatures (90˚C-115˚C), exposure to chlorine, chemically aggressive substances and mechanical wear.
- repairability - if required, the Eurocone connection can be easily disassembled, the rubber elements replaced and reassembled without losing the tightness of the connection.
- availability and ease of installation - installation of Eurocone is simple even for a novice master, does not require a special tool and will take only a couple of minutes.
The Eurocone is manufactured by hot forging.
The Eurocone is made of high quality CW617N brass, making it suitable for use in drinking water supply systems due to the reduced lead content in the alloy, as well as in other media that are not aggressive to the materials of the manufacturer. The crimp nut has an additional nickel coating of at least 7 μm. The Eurocone O-rings are made of rubber and fluoroplastic.
The manufacturer of this Eurocone is MasterProf Company. MasterProf also supplies all kinds of fittings all over Russia.
Connection size 1
Type of connection 1
Connection size 2
Type of connection 2
female thread
Body material
brass CW617N
Type of coating
nickel electroplated anticorrosive 12 μm
Working pressure
up to 10 Bar (1.0 MPa)
Operating temperature
0°C to +95°C
Fabrication method
hot forging
Height, mm
Width, mm
Depth, mm
Weight, g
Work environment
water, compressed air and other media not aggressive to product materials
Gasket material
EPDM synthetic rubber

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