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Manifold 3/4" 2 outlets 1/2" male thread (or "comb") - a kind of distributor, which is an important plumbing element of cold, hot water and heating systems.
The immediate function of a manifold in a water supply system is to distribute a single water flow into several equal or different pressures. On the two opposite sides of the unit there is a 3/4" threaded connection (female thread on one side and male thread on the other side) for connection to the mains and connection of the "combs" to each other. The free end of the manifold is fitted with a plug or an additional plumbing device such as a diaphragm shock absorber or manifold elbow/tee to install an air vent, thermometer, remote thermostat gauge or drain faucet.
Outlets in diameter 1/2" are provided with seats for 1/2" Eurocone-type connectors for connection of metal plastic or PEX pipes in diameter 16 mm with wall thickness 2.0 mm.
If it is necessary to connect a plumbing fixture to this manifold using a threaded connection and/or a flexible inlet, we recommend installing a "Eurocone-Flat" adapter, which protects the gasket from being cut by the edges of the thread.
When installing the manifold, it is necessary to securely fasten it using special manifold fasteners and/or pipe clamps with a rubber seal of the appropriate diameter. A poorly secured switchgear assembly can lead to leaking connections and damage to the pipework.
The hot stamping process manufactures this manifold.
The manifold is made of high-quality brass CW617N and has a nickel coating of at least 7 microns, making it suitable for use in drinking water systems due to the reduced lead content in the alloy, as well as in other environments that are not aggressive to the materials manufacturer.
The use of a manifold in water supply systems eliminates unnecessary control and shut-off valves. The manifold ensures that the water system has the same pressure for the consumers.
The manufacturer of this manifold is MasterProf.
Connector size 1
Type of connection 1
female thread
Connector size 2
Type of connection 2
male thread
Number of outputs
Connection size of outputs
Type of outputs connection
male thread
Type of locking mechanism on outlets
Body material
brass CW617N
Type of coating
nickel electroplated anticorrosive 12 μm
Working pressure
up to 16 Bar (1.6 MPa)
Operating temperature
0°C to +110°C
Fabrication method
hot forging
Height, mm
Width, mm
Depth, mm
Weight, g
Work environment
water, compressed air and other media not aggressive to product materials

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