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The nozzle is designed to connect water supply pipes to a vessel (barrel or tank).
The construction consists of a nozzle, 2 gaskets for sealing and a clamping nut. Before mounting the part, make a hole of the required diameter in the vessel (taking into account the size of the threaded part). The next step is to fix the main part of the tapping with a gasket on the inside of the tank, the second gasket seals the system from the outside. The next step is to secure the nut and then connect the faucet, nozzles or other elements. The inlet makes it possible to connect any threaded connection to the vessel (hose nozzle, water shut-off valve).
The main working medium for the nozzle is water, including hot water, but it can also be used in other media that are not corrosive to the material of the product. The cut-in is easy to install and firmly fixed. The nozzle is manufactured by the hot forging method. The fitting is made of a brass alloy, making it suitable for use in drinking water supply systems due to the minimal lead content in the alloy.
The nozzle enables connection anywhere on the vessel body. This makes it possible to connect an automatic top-up to the tank, as well as to perform lower water intake from the tank for water supply or irrigation. Note that the tank filler should be placed at the maximum height of the tank. On the other hand, the connection to the tank for water intake should be made 7-10 cm above the bottom. This will allow the cleanest water without sand and sediment silt to be withdrawn for irrigation.
The drum connection is designed to connect the drum (or tank) to the water supply network. The advantage of our nozzles over other manufacturers is that in addition to the male thread, the connector also has a female thread, allowing the use of a male threaded connection. For example, a 3/4" tap has a 1/2" female thread and a 1" tap has a 3/4" female thread.
The manufacturer of this nozzle is MasterProf. MasterProf also supplies all kinds of threaded fittings all over Russia.
Connection type 1
male thread
Connection size 1
Body material
brass CW617N
Type of coating
nickel electroplated anticorrosive 12 μm
Working pressure
up to 16 Bar (1.6 MPa)
Height, mm
Width, mm
Depth, mm
Weight, g
Fabrication method
hot forging
Operating temperature:
0°C to +100°C
Work environment:
water, compressed air and other media not aggressive to product materials

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