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The elbow 16 х 1/2" collet/sleeve has 1/2" male thread and crimp connection for connection of metal-plastic (metal-polymer) pipe 16х2,0 at an angle of 90°C. This brass fitting is used in heating, cold and hot water systems for both domestic and industrial applications, creating split crimp connections. Sealing materials such as plumber's tape and paste and/or Teflon tape (PTFE sealing material tape) and/or aerobic sealant or plumber's thread are required to obtain a tight connection when installing the elbow. The elbow is manufactured by the hot forging method. The fitting is made of
high-quality brass CW617N and has a nickel coating of at least 7µm, making it suitable for use in drinking water systems due to the reduced lead content in the alloy.
As the crimp connections are "demountable", they may not be cast into the building structure. Each such connection must be accessible for maintenance (tightening). The manufacturer of this elbow is MasterProf Company.

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