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This gasket set is designed for repairing faucets, flexible inlets, shower hoses and taps. The gaskets are made of rubber, thanks to which they have several advantages: low fluid absorption, as well as increased resistance to wear, non-conductivity of electrical energy and resistance to abrasion. One of the main advantages of rubber gaskets is the affordable price (especially when buying rubber gaskets in bulk).

The set includes: Rubber gasket (for water) 1/2"- 2 pcs;

Rubber gasket (for water) 3/4" - 2 pcs;

Tablet for headwork 13 mm - 1 pc;

Tablet for domestic headwork 14 mm - 1 pc;

Ring for imp. spout 14x19 - 1 pc, 

Ring for domestic spout 12x16 - 1 pc;

Rubber gasket (for water) 1.1 / 4"- 2 pcs, Skirt for headwork - 1 pc;

Retaining half-ring for plastic spout 12-16 mm - 1 pc; 

Retaining half-ring for imp. spout plastic 14-18 mm - 1 pc;

The manufacturer of this gasket set is MasterProf. MasterProf also supplies all kinds of gaskets all over Russia.

Item number
rubber, plastic
Designed for repair of faucets
Rubber gasket (for water) 1/2 "- 2 pcs, Rubber gasket (for water) 3/4" - 2 pcs, Tablet for headwork 13 mm - 1 pc, Tablet for domestic headwork 14 mm - 1 pc, Ring for imp. spout 14x19 - 1 pc, Ring for domestic spout 14x19 - 1 pc

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