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Fixator #3 Anaerobic Adhesive Sealant is designed for fixation and sealing of threaded joints, fittings, pipelines, experiencing moderate vibration loads. Protects threads from loosening and all types of corrosion

It is used in systems of hot and cold water supply, heating, gas supply, compressed air, hydraulic fluids. Cures in thread gaps to form a thermosetting polymer (hard plastic layer). Approved for use in potable water systems. It is a full-fledged replacement for everything there is on the market of sealing materials. Advantages of Fixator #3 Anaerobic Adhesive Sealant:

- 100% fixation and sealing of joints;

- Seals 100% even damaged threads;

- Easy to use. Installation speed + 200% (compared to other materials);

- Easy assembly due to the lubricating properties of the composition;

- The best cost-effectiveness of the price/reliability combination;

- Installation without retightening screw connections;

- Easy installation of fittings by hand (no wrench required);

- Fixing the fitting in the required position;

- Permissible pressure up to 250 bar;

- System startup after 30 min;

- Does not tear, does not crumble, does not slip over time;

- Holds hydrostatic shock during sudden changes in pressure;

- Aesthetically pleasing (doesn't stick out like flax from under the threads);

- It does not breed bacteria like flax;

- Does not harden on the exposed surface, excess product is easy to remove;

- Small cost per one connection.

The manufacturer of this anaerobic adhesive sealant is MasterProf Company. Master Prof also supplies various plumbing products all over world.

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Designed for sealing threaded joints in pipelines

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