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Plumbing paste is applied for sealing of threaded joints to coat and impregnate flax. The use of paste simplifies the assembly of joints and their subsequent disassembly, prevents flax fibers from breaking during assembly, excessive swelling, drying or rotting of flax, increases the tightness of joints.

Not to be applied on its own, without flax!

Sealing paste benefits:

- composition provides long-term preservation of the properties of the paste, including as part of the assembled threaded connection (the paste does not dry out and is not washed off the flax), which increases the reliability of the connection and the durability of its use;

- homogeneous consistency of the paste provides easy and uniform application to the flax cord and facilitates the subsequent twisting of the threaded joint.

MasterProf Company is the manufacturer of this universal sealing paste. Master Prof also supplies various plumbing products all over world. 

Product number
Flax mass
Sealing paste mass
25 g
The set is designed for sealing the threaded joints of air pipelines, as well as pipelines for cold and hot water and heating systems.

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Shop retail space, m²
730 000
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3 000
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