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GAS PTFE Tape is used for reliable installation of threaded joints in gas supply systems, and can also be used for the installation of threaded joints for plumbing pipes. PTFE stands Polytetrafluoroethylene which also is a Fluoroplastic Sealing Material. For user convenience, to avoid confusion between the tape for gas supply systems and the tape for water supply systems, PTFE tape for gas is tinted yellow.

GAS PTFE Tape is an elastic, durable, chemically resistant sealant, which preserves its properties in a wide temperature range and is usually applied to create tight threaded and flange joints in plumbing and gas connections. PTFE tape is made of fluoroplastic, a fluid and hydrophobic material, so it fills any gaps and pores in pipe joints. Tape does not wear out over time and does not lose its properties, and does not tear when stretched.

Its installation is simple and does not require special skills. The tape is resistant to rust and oil, has excellent anti-corrosion properties. The increased thickness and density of the tape improves joint sealing and reduces consumption. GAS PTFE Tape does not contain grease.

When using GAS PTFE Tape, the use of any additional methods of thread sealing (flax, hards, paint, paste, etc.) is not required.

MasterProf Company is the manufacturer of this GAS PTFE Tape. Master Prof also supplies various plumbing products all over world.

Product number
Fluoroplastic (polytetrafluoroethylene)
0.3 g/cm3
Designed for sealing threaded joints in gas pipelines.

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