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The cord is designed for sealing threaded joints of metal and plastic pipes with a diameter of 3/8" to 2". It is used in hot and cold water supply systems with potable and technical water, compressed air and heating systems. The cord is resistant to vibration, temperature fluctuations. Provides an instant seal. The cord is hygienic, does not decompose and prevents the development of corrosion. Within 72 hours after installation, it is allowed to adjust the connection (loosening, tightening) without replacing the cord.

Ideal for urgent repairs or quick installation, as the connection does not need to be prepared in advance.

Thread sealing cord is applied for sealing joints and connections of components made of all kinds of materials. For example, cord is great for sealing plumbing, as well as heating and gas systems. When wrapped around the thread of the connection, the cord provides a seal by sealing the space, but it does not damage the thread or the pipes themselves. The cord does not shrivel, does not swell or degrade, does not prevent further disassembly of the product, and is applied for sealing joints of almost any material and quite affordable

Product number
20 m
Joint diameter
3/8" to 2"
Operating pressure
Up to 8 bar
Maximum Temperature
up to +120°C
Polyamide cord

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