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Plumbing Market Analysis

Retail prices analysis on most popular engineered plumbing products in largest DIY store chains and sanitary ware shops of Russia.

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The complete product range analysis is available for MasterProf clients.

Sanitary ware price change

Smart analytics and plumbing market analysis are important tools which may help build a genuinely profitable business. Dynamic pricing, or operative price changing targeted towards current market conditions, helps stay ahead of the competition for clients and effective sales.

Business solutions carried out by MasterProf company will be beneficial for both sanitary ware shop owners and usual consumers who might want to choose the most favorable offers.

Pricing strategy for a sanitary ware shop is addressed with goals and tasks of marketing policy. The most typical among them are:

1. Breaking away from comparing with competitors by:

  • obtaining new unique product items or brands (eg. a little known brand not represented by competitors)
  • selling items in different product sets or packaging (eg. all your competitors sell aerators as one unit, but you can start selling them in packages of 3 items each with an aerator key)
  • shifting to another price segment

2. Competing with business rivals, entering the price war

In order to do this you will need a precise and prompt analysis of retail prices in engineered plumbing market. It is preferable to carry it out both on large shop chains (like Leroy Merlin or Castorama) and on smaller nearest shops. The main disadvantage of such strategy for a retail business may be the necessity for an analysis department which can quickly draw up a comparison for some thousands of product items, tabulate and analyze the data. MasterProf will have done this work for you!

Prices fir sanitary ware

Price analysis on sanitary ware products is a tool developed by MasterProf company, that allows to analyze the prices on sanitary ware items in largest DIY store chains throughout Russia (Castorama, Leroy Merlin, Maxidom, Afonya, Vodopad, Petrovich, OBI). This is a perfect opportunity for small and medium business to receive up-to-date information on prices of different categories of engineered plumbing as well as to monitor price growth and drops in various shops.

The main objective of the price monitoring on sanitary ware products - automatic price tracking which in turn will conserve resources to form the future price strategy. With the price monitoring by MasterProf you won't have to collect the information manually, since we monthly provide you the price analysis data on every category and item of all the shops of any DIY shop chain. You can easily identify the moment when price increase is needed (eg. at a sudden US dollar rate surge) while being sure your prices are not the highest among your competitors.

How to increase prices the right way

For instance, take the price changing situation in 2020. During the period from January to April 2020 the dollar-to-rouble rate increased by more than 30%. Say, you sell a product item which is sensitive to the US dollar and is imported from China. At what rate should be prices for your product item raised? What price increase offer should be accepted from the supplier? If you think it should be 30% or your prices are agreed in dollars with the supplier, we are sorry to admit this is not the best solution.

The structure of your production cost will be a better solution to such kind of a problem.

Structure of production cost

Let's assume, you're buying pipe fittings. The dollar rate increased by more than 30%. Before accepting an offer on price increase from your supplier you can request the structure of production cost for the supplied product item.

Let's consider how the structure of production cost of a certain pipe fitting should look like. Say, your supplier delivers the pipe fittings from China on their own.


cost price


Pipe Fitting



Pipe Fitting



Pipe Fitting


Customs Clearance Fee



Supplier Margin


of which



Warehouse Storage


Warehouse and Office Staff




Clear Profit







Due to 30% US dollar appreciation we can accept it only by a factor 0.7, i. e. 30% x 0.7 = 21%