Galvanized Steel Clamp with Rubber Gasket 1/2" (20-23 mm) M8, bolt, dowel

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Galvanized Steel Clamp with Rubber Gasket 1/2" (20-23 mm) M8 with a bolt and a dowel is used for heating, water, drain pipes and air lines of 42-45 mm in diameter to fasten to the walls in vertical and horizontal positions. Due to its wide size range the clamp can be used to fasten other different objects with circular section.

The pipe clamp consists of several parts.

The clamp body is composed of two brackets made of high-quality galvanized steel tape. The brackets are connected with combined screws. The clamp has an M8 nut for connecting to the double bolt. The nut is connected to the bolt with spot welding method which provides resistance to high strains. The EPDM gasket reduces vibration, compensates thermal expansion, hinders noise transfer from the transported water or air flow to supporting structures. It also prevents defects on the pipe at higher pressure while firmly embracing it in a necessary position.

The double bolt is designed for fastening pipe clamps to any kinds of concrete or brickwork with the use of a plastic dowel of appropriate diameter as well as without a dowel but with preliminary drilling - to wood or chipboard. The plastic nylon dowel is designed as a fastener to concrete, lightweight concrete, stone or various kind of brick. The dowel is securely fixated in hollow and solid materials due to its wide wedging range.

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Compressed pipe diameter
20-23 mm
Clamp material
zinc-galvanized steel
Sanitary double bolt length
80 mm
Double bolt material
zinc-galvanized steel
Double bolt thread
Dowel length
50 mm
Dowel diameter
10 mm
Dowel material
Height, mm
Width, mm
Depth, mm
Weight, g
Product number

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