Metal-reinforced plastic pipe 16 mm (hot & cold water supply)

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PPR/AL/PPR 5-layer metal-reinforced plastic (polypropylene) pipe consists of an internal and an external polypropylene layer, aluminum foil and PP copolymer glue. The aluminum foil is overlapped with ultrasonic welding. In manufacture of PPR/AL/PPR 5-layer metal-reinforced plastic pipe a quality PP random copolymer of domestic and foreign production is used, as well as DuPont PP copolymer based polymer adhesive glue and 0.21 - 0.30 mm natural aluminum foil by Rusal company, Russia. Metal-reinforced plastic pipes are resistant to corrosion, chemically neutral, do not accumulate sediments.
Furthermore, they may be bent manually and may be mounted at any place without any particular difficulty. Having such flexibility, reinforced pipes keep being durable for a long time. One of the most important advantages of reinforced plastic pipes is its thermal expansion coefficient: it is almost the same as of copper pipes. This allows to manage without compensating pipes, to increase the distance between supporting piers during installation, to mount the pipeline into a concrete screed in particular conditions (e.g. underfloor heating installation). A metal-reinforced plastic pipe allows to install systems with the use of pressure couplings or crimp fittings as well as polypropylene ones (through welding).

The scope of use of reinforced plastic pipes:
- as delivery pipelines in multi-storied buildings;
- in hot and cold water supply systems in buildings;
- in heating systems, including installation of underfloor heating);
- in compressed air supply systems;
- for industrial purposes.

The assortment of metal-reinforced plastic pipes presented on this website is produced by MasterProf company. Also this company supplies any types of pipes for hot and cold water supply and heating systems throughout Russia.
External diameter
16 mm
Working temperature up to
110 °С
Maximum temperature (emergency)
125 °С
Maximum pressure under operating conditions
10 bar
Netto weight, g
Product number

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