Metal-reinforced plastic pipe 32 mm (hot & cold water supply)

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PEX/AL/PEX metal-reinforced plastic (polypropylene) pipe is used in potable and utility water, hot water supply, water underfloor heating and wall systems and soil heating systems, as well as industrial pipelines transporting liquids which are not aggressive to the pipe material. PEX stands for cross-linked polyethylene. This kind of material has positional connection between its macromolecules. This connection increases the durability, firmness and temperature and chemical resistance of the material. AL stands for the aluminum layer in the middle of the pipe wall.

The aluminum layer performs several important functions:
1. It decreases linear extension of the pipe.
2. The pipe is impermeable to oxygen (diffusion layer). The aging of pipes and heating systems is affected first and foremost by oxygen dissolved in a heat-transfer liquid which penetrates in a diffusive way through the walls of a pipe. This is highly important for a closed heating system (underfloor heating).
3. Saves its form, which is convenient at work.

Metal-reinforced plastic pipes are resistant to corrosion, chemically neutral, do not accumulate sediments. Furthermore, they may be bent manually and may be mounted at any place without any particular difficulty. Having such flexibility, reinforced pipes keep being durable for a long time. One of the most important advantages of reinforced plastic pipes is its thermal expansion coefficient: it is almost the same as of copper pipes. This allows to manage without compensating pipes, to increase the distance between supporting piers during installation, to mount the pipeline into a concrete screed in particular conditions (e.g. underfloor heating installation). Sometimes these pipes are called metallopolymeric pipes.

The assortment of metal-reinforced plastic pipes presented on this website is produced by MasterProf company. Also this company supplies any types of pipes for hot and cold water supply and heating systems throughout Russia.
External diameter
32 mm
Internal diameter
26 mm
Foil thickness
0.3 mm
Wall thickness
3 mm
Working temperature at pressure 10 bar
Working temperature at pressure 25 bar
Allowable short-term temperature
Maximum working pressure ar maximum working temperature
10 bar
Nominal pressure
25 bar
Bend radius with the use of surface casing or a pipe bender
125 mm
Coil length
100 m
Netto weight, g
Height, mm
Width, mm
Depth, mm
Product number

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