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Radial Thermo Pressure Gauge, 1/4" 6 bar is designed for pressure and temperature measurement in gaseous and liquid substances in heating, cooling, water supply systems, boiler rooms and other premises where pressure and temperature indications in water supply systems are required.

The radial thermo pressure gauge is a multifunctional device and combines features of a thermometer and a pressure gauge. There are two scales with two pointers at the indicator dial. Each scale displays the indications of temperature and pressure respectively.

The thermo pressure gauges produced by MasterProf are highly durable and display as accurate and reliable indications as possible. The body of the radial thermo pressure gauge is made of high-quality.

Installation tips:
The assembly and installation of the product should be carried out with no water pressure within the system. The coupling connections should be established with the use of sealing materials. Before the installation of the pressure gauge the pipeline should be cleared of dross and corrosion. All heating systems, boiler rooms pipes should be cleaned with water when the equipment is assembled. The pressure gauge should be securely mounted. Working liquid leakage around the threading part is not allowed.

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