Water Hot Meter 1/2" (DN 15, L=110 мм) ITELMA

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METER Universal Water Meter 1/2" (DN 15) is a single jet meter device designed for water usage monitoring in various water supply systems. The MasterProf water meter is suitable for hot and cold water rate indication record as a durable and robust device. It also displays accurate and reliable indication. The meter is completed with fitting connectors for coupling it to a pipe. The body is made of plastic and metal.

Water meter – 1 item
Brass fitting kit – 1 item.

Brass fitting kit contains:
- fitting connector with a seal plate - 2 items;
- nut (with eyeholes for sealing) - 2 items;
- gasket - 2 items.


- High quality and accuracy of manufacturing;
- External magnetic field protection;
- validation period to 6 years;
- design features of the meter body excludes the possibility of leakage;
- steel locking ring;
- extra stiff membrane with high thermal insulating value;
- mounting kit with a backflow preventer;
- completed with self-adhesive red and blue stickers;
- temporarily withstands temperature conditions up to 100°C;
- service life - 12 years.

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