Eurocone Flat 1/2" MPF

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Eurocone Flat is a type of fitting designed for high-quality sealing of a detachable connection when connecting a flexible inlet or other threaded fitting to a manifold through a gasket. This fitting is inserted directly into the inside of the 1/2" diameter manifold outlet. Tightness of the connection using the Eurocone Flat is achieved by the fact that this fitting creates a flat round surface on the manifold side in which the gasket of the connected flexible inlet or fitting rests. The resulting plane protects the gasket from cuts when tightening the connection.
The Eurocone Flat has a rubber O-ring on the side of its connection to the manifold.
This connection can be easily dismantled and reassembled more than once if needed to dismantle and replace pipe components.
The Eurocone is manufactured by hot forging.
The Eurocone is made of high-quality brass CW617N, making it suitable for use in drinking water supply systems due to the reduced lead content in the alloy, as well as in other media that are not aggressive to the materials of the manufacturer. The O-ring of the Eurocone is made of rubber. The manufacturer of this Eurocone is MasterProf Company.
MasterProf also supplies all kinds of fittings all over Russia.
Connector size 1
Body material
brass CW617N
Type of coating
nickel electroplating anticorrosive
Working pressure
up to 10 Bar (1.0 MPa)
Operating temperature
0°C to +95°C
Fabrication method
hot forging
height, mm
width, mm
depth, mm
Weight, g
Work environment
water, compressed air and other media not aggressive to product materials BC
Gasket material
EPDM synthetic rubber

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