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Vodyanoy - Drip Tube Irrigation System by MasterProf.

Its structural design makes possible easy and careful plant watering in cold frames, greenhouses and in open ground. The kit is designed for the metered water supply to the root zone of the plants that require warm watering (pumpkin, tomato, cucumber, marrow, pepper, eggplant).

For achieving its stable work, the system requires a water barrel located at least 1.5 m above the ground for creating necessary working pressure.
Drip irrigation is carried out through special emitters with regulated water flow pressure.
The drip line should be warmed up in hot water before installation.
Special pegs included in the kit are used to securely fixate the drip line on the ground.
By making holes in the drip line with a special punch tool included in the kit, the drip emitters can be inserted in it through barb fittings.
The water supply is thus carried out directly to the root zone of plants.There are also labyrinth-channel emitters included in the kit which allow even water distribution along the entire length of a tube whereas the amount of used water does not change regardless of the pressure.

This drip irrigation system for plant watering produced by MasterProf has a number of significant advantages:
- well-designed water flow saves considerable amount of water;
- the water flows directly to the plant;
- flexible drip line may be located around a perimeter of a complex shape;
- the amount of liquid flow is regulated with a tap (included in the kit);
- automatic irrigation available at night time;
- simple in use;
- takes only to locate the drip line over the irrigation area and to connect it to a water flow source, which can be a regular rain barrel located at a height of 1.5 m.
The drip irrigation is carried out with drip emitters with microtubes which allow even watering in the root zone. This set is designed for watering of 28 plants.


- HDPE pipe: 10 m

- Clamp: 1 item

- Ball Cock to 16 mm hose: 1 item
- Tee fitting: 7 items
- Elbows: 2 items
- Tube plug: 1 item
- Emitter barb fitting: 28 items
- Drip emitters with microtubes: 28 items
- Pipe fixation pegs: 8 items
- Punch tool: 1 item
Minimal working pressure
0.2 bar
Maximal working pressure
3 bar
Tube diameter
16 mm
Tube wall thickness
1 mm
Height, mm
Width, mm
Depth, mm
Weight, g
Product number

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