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Polypropylene or PP has already been used for a long time as a material for producing water pipes for hot water as well as cold water supply systems (due to glass fiber reinforcement technology).

PPRC is the most contemporary and perfect type of polypropylene pipes which can be used in hot water supply systems and, owing to specific production technologies, can withstand compression loads. PPRC pipes are highly widely used in household conditions due to their quality and temperature and pressure change resistance.

The 20 mm glass fiber reinforced PPRC pipe is designed for installing water supply and heating systems with working temperature up to +90°C. The PN-20 index means that allowed working pressure inside the pipe may reach 2.0 MPa. Its high resistance to aggressive environment provides its use in industrial pipeline networks and production premises. Pipe connection is carried out with welding at the melting temperature of polypropylene.

— high-strength;
— resistant to corrosion;
— does not get overgrown;
— quickly and easily mounted;
— does not weigh much;
— highly-resistant to antiseptic and disinfectant solutions.

This product item is produced by MasterProf company which also supplies this and other polypropylene products throughout Russia.
glass fiber
Pipe length
2 m
Working pressure
2.0 MPa
External diameter
20 mm
Maximum temperature of the working environment
polypropylene / glass fiber
Product number

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